Who we are

Horizon Web solutions is a high quality custom website design and hosting company that includes an expert team of web developers, web designers, and online marketing specialists. We are here to offer you the finest web solutions and online marketing services. We listen, guide, and fulfill your requests. Consider us a helping hand in using the Internet as a tool for your business. With the growing pace of people having access to it, our company is perfectly capable to offer you the services needed to keep your swiftness.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you become more agile, competitive, and profitable. We aim to build strong connections through solutions by following a realistic, transparent, and straightforward business approach, which guarantees the endurance of the relationships with our valued clients. Our conviction is to concentrate on providing web services that exceed our client’s expectation, which in return give us the ability and the vision to be among the leading web solutions companies not only in Lebanon, but also in the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf.
Ever since we started in 2009, Horizon Web Solutions inflicted itself to be one of the best web solutions companies in Lebanon and it strives to be one of the best in Arab gulf too. Our logistic professional team, works on the best web technologies, and is ready to visit you wherever you are, to assist you in whatever technical or admin issue(s) you might be facing. Our aim and success reside in our clients’ satisfaction. Our team will escort you as long as needed since our after sale services are never-ending; we are there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. As for our maintenance services, they are infinite too.

Web Development

A web application or web app is any computer program that runs in a web browser. It is created in a browser-supported programming language (such as the combination of JavaScript, HTML and CSS) and relies on a web browser to render the application. We understand that almost all businesses rely on a custom web application, to communicate or promote their brand through. Therefore, we perform this using a sophisticated push notifications system that reaches your recipients wherever they are. It is a direct message system beneficial to enhance your business presence and awareness.

Mobile Applications

We develop the smartest and latest applications that fit your unique business requirements to boost your company’s growth. No matter how complex the applications are, our technical expertises are capable to develop them with skill and easiness. The internet has gone mobile. With the widespread popularity of smart phones and tablets, users are now able to interact with your brand in real-time. These technological developments have created a new set of user expectations: customers want to integrate your brand into their daily routines. But is your brand mobile-ready? We have the expertise, experience, and the outstanding talent to help you to take advantage of the mobile revolution. We stay on the cutting edge of mobile technology development to ensure your website is mobile compatible while building applications that will enhance your business mobile presence, providing a seamless user experience.

Web Design

Web designing in an impressive way is not just a profession, but a passion that drives Horizon Websolutions. We believe that your website is the window of your business core. That is why we design your website, in an original way, that will amaze and capture your visitors. Our designers’ team - is highly qualified to portray the correct message of your requests through inventive designs and themes. Therefore, you can depend on them to give life to your ideas by implementing them beautifully.


Ecommerce: Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce, is a type of industry where buying and selling products or services, is conducted over online electronic systems. Electronic commerce is generally considered the sales aspect of e-business. It also suggests the exchange of data to facilitate the financing and payment aspects of business transactions. This is an effective and efficient way of communicating within an organization and one of the most effective and useful ways of conducting business.

E-commerce can be divided into:

• E-tailing or "virtual storefronts" on websites with online catalogs, sometimes gathered into a "virtual mall"

• The gathering and use of demographic data through Web contacts and social media

• Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), the business-to-business exchange of data

• E-mail and fax and their use as media for reaching prospective and established customers (i.e. newsletters)

• Business-to-business buying and selling

• The security of business transactions

Social Media

Social Media nowadays is an essential element that contributes to your business success and growth.

What are the benefits of Social Media for your business?

Increase Awareness: 92% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses.

Increase Traffic: 80% of marketers indicated that their social media efforts increased traffic.Improve Customer Service: 71% of consumers who receive a quick response on social media say they are more likely to recommend that brand to other people.

That is why we are here to offer you our hands and raise your business up!


Site structure can be your best friend when it comes to getting high search engine rankings and once you have established that perfect site structure your website can continue to grow and adapt with the search engines. There are many elements and aspects you need to pay more attention to, to get the most out of SEO. But why complicate your life while we are here for you to explain and implement all SEO’ vital elements to your advantage.

Business Training

Horizon Websolutions for Horizon Project offers a wide variety of professional subjects for those wishing to enhance their profession or pursue a career in business and management. We are oriented for professionals and corporations. Whether you need customer service, and training courses, management courses or anything related to soft skills, we can help! 


Presentations: Are your presentations as affective as you would like? With Horizon Websolutions they will be and so you can:

• Get rid of the bullet points and delight your audience with a compelling visual presentation

• Ensure your presentation design is clear whether projected, displayed on a large screen,   or shown on a tablet

• Tell your story from your audiences’ perspective, so they find your message persuasive

• Deliver more effective’ presentations and Gain the results you need! 

Business presentations are very important i.e. sales presentations, product launches, and key-training sessions. Give them your attention:

• Increase conversion rates: The salespersons would suggest more your messages; therefore, you win more deals.

• Win bigger deals: Communicate a convincing value story, avoid commoditization, and protect margin.

• Improve sales productivity: Less time spent creating slides, more time spent selling.

• Deliver consistency: Promote a consistent message by replacing secret collateral in the field with effective presentations that salespeople actually want to use.

• Enhance your brand: Provide slides that meet your brand guidelines while looking great. No more boring, ineffective, text-heavy slides.

Advertising Campaigns

Horizon websolutions plans executes and conducts your advertising campaign as per your requirements, covering but not limited to Flash Banners, Static Banners, Logos, and Brochures etc... Whether you need a static image for example or an animated Flash movie, our design team is ready to create banners to meet your needs and to help you attract more visitors to your website. Offer Horizon Websolutions the privilege to design and create something exceptional for your business trademark.

Customer Care

At Horizon Websolutions, we consider every one of our customers a part of our family and as a loving connected family, we aim to satisfy each and every member, and this is where we got inspiration to get our motto "the Ultimate satisfaction”. We have established a solid foundation to offer a hosting solution for businesses, that is reliable, easy-to-use, and customer service-oriented, all for a low cost. No matter which service you choose, Horizon Websolutions values its customers and recognizes their need through outstanding customer service. We are not satisfied until our customers are.






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